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Your mind is a powerful thing. When you filter it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.

1:1 private coaching

if you are looking for support in any of these areas, I offer you a private 1:1 session where I'll take you through a series of topic and I will work with you privately for the next 7 days.

1:1 Build your dream life + get clear on life vision

1:1 Build mindful wealth + release scarcity mindset 

1:1 Reprogram the mind + release limiting beliefs

1:1 Forgiveness + healing + release family block​s

who is this for:

what is included:

+ Pick one topic that you need support 

+ 1 hour live session (zoom)

+ 1 module + 1 workbook 

+ 7 days growth work list

+ Private support for 7 days

+ RM150

+ Looking to build better habits and break toxic cycles?

+ Looking to build mindful wealth​ and invite abundance into your life?

+ Looking to release past hurts, trauma and resentment so you can see life through a more loving lens instead of fear and anger?

+ Looking to get clear on your whys, create your dream life and take actions towards it?

+ A stay at home mother looking for inspiration to start your own biz + be a role model to your family?



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Panisha, Pharmacist,

Yoga Sessions


After frequent sessions with Josialyn, have seen drastic improvements in the stiffness of my neck and shoulders. I can't remember the last time I took my pills! Pure Magic!!

My favorite part is the moment of silence during meditation, where I get to come out of the noises in my mind and return to my breath. Super relaxing and has helped me connect with myself on a deeper level!

I would walk in to a class feeling mentally and physically exhausted. However the breath-work session always leaves me feeling refreshed and recharged. Thank you Jo! 

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