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6-week program 

A journey of self discovery, getting clear on your values, uncovering your authentic self.

What is the Yoga Life Reset program? 

It is a 6 week program that will help you gain clarity on these topics:

✓ Break // self sabotage, upper limiting beliefs, lack mindset 

✓ Utilise //  creative visualisation to make your dreams a reality

✓ Learn // to connect with your inner wisdom and intuition

✓ Build // a mindful life 

✓ Cultivate // habits that will raise your vibration

✓ Set actionable // goals that align with your purpose

Get support and accountability from me + a group of like minded souls

Week 1 

Clarity- connecting back to your authentic self, your values, create a vision for your life, find your intention, be intentional in your everyday life

Week 2

Mindset - Shifting beliefs, reprogramming the mind, internal motivation, 

Week 3

Releasing - lack mindset, patterns, habits, forgiveness

Week 4

Manifestation - learn to apply my manifestation techniques, become a magnet to attract the right opportunities and people into your life

Week 5

Balance- balance your divine feminine and masculine, applying high vibe habits in your everyday 

Week 6

Action- unleash your potential, apply mindfulness techniques to your everyday life

Program inclusion

✧ Weekly 1 hour session - RM150/ per session

✧ 6 Topics to cover in 6 weeks

✧ Weekly worksheets

✧ Accountability

✧ All session will be recorded and email to you (if you missed a call)

Program style

✧ Group - RM500 

   next program starts: 10th January 

✧ 1:1 coaching - RM 1000 (start anytime)

RM450 till 8th Jan


Welcome! Check inbox for welcome email!


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Meshy, Founder of Meshy's Candle Co.

The modules helped in self-discovery and realisations on living a high vibrational life, managing emotions, eliminating limiting beliefs. The modules are easy to follow and it provides accountability. Practice followed by reflection and results.

Thank you coach!


Swarna, Founder of Drape with Swarna

Initially, I joined Jo for a weight loss thing. But now, you can see where it has taken me. I am able to come out of my comfort zone, be confident in who I am and share my gifts without worrying about others opinion of me. Thank you coach!

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 4.07.59 PM.png

Stefanie, Medical and Youtuber

The worksheets has helped me reflect on choices I make, and implement the practices into my everyday life. 

Reflecting on myself and admitting certain feelings was uncomfortable but acknowledging them has changed my perspective in so many ways.

I am more self-aware, I am able to listen to my intuition and be my true-self.

Thank you Jo, I feel lighter and hopeful for the future.

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 4.10.28 PM.png

Hema, Founder of Fassion Frame Beauty

I have seen so much improvement in my productivity, after getting clear on my values and following the practices.

These changes were not only reflected in my life but also in my biz.

The best part was, I was able to get deeper sleep by following all of the practices.

Thank you so much Jo!


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