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What you will receive:

  •  grocery list

  • customised meal plan

  • workout calendar

  • virtual live workout classes

  • 1:1 consultation 

  • free productivity tool

Who is this program for?

  • fat loss

  • improve mobility

  • tone and sculpt muscles

  • don't know where to start

How much is this program?

  • group RM 1,050

  • 1:1 RM1,500


  • group- Mon & Wed 8pm

  • 1:1 flexible 

Looking for private yoga session only?

  • 1 session RM70/ hour

  • 4 session RM 250


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This is a fitness program that combines mindset, yoga & nutrition.


This program helps you:

  • cultivate a mindset of getting toned from within

  • guidance on portioning meals

  • guidance on getting clear on intentions/goals

  • use productivity tools to keep you accountable

  • tone/ work on proper form and postures

How long is this program?

  • months close coaching

How long to see results?

  • depends on your commitment 

  • 3-6 months is the most ideal time frame to build a habit

  • focus on how good you feel after smashing a workout instead of the result


Changing your mental state will change your physical state. The physical results are amazing to see and feel, but it all starts inside.

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*you will be working with a certified nutritionist and yoga instructor